The Partners

This project would not be possible without these organizations. 

Ruby Cup Red Sisterpack Size comparison Shop.jpg

Ruby Life Limited

A socially-minded, menstrual health company that makes 100% food-grade silicone menstrual products called "Ruby Cups" that can last for up to ten years.



A company dedicated to bagging the single use habit, ChicoBag makes resuable shopping bags to stop the accumulation of waste in our landfills. Thanks to their Pay-It-Forward program, they agreed to donate 200 reusable bags to hold our Rift Kits.


Cross World africa

Founded over ten years ago, Cross World Africa is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to ending inequality in East Africa. Through micro-enterpriseeducational advancement, and community building, the CWA team has endeavored to improve the lives of East Africa's most disenfranchised... with inspiring results.



Created and developed by tinkerers at heart, BuildTak is a brand dedicated to eliminating the hassles of 3D printing. Lucky for us, they're taking on our regular printing needs too. 


The Golden girls 

The Golden Girls Foundation is a local NGO based in Kisii, Kenya that helps distribute the Ruby Cup.  The Golden Girls Foundation has a time tested menstrual health curriculum and provides a local network of support for graduates of MHM programs.