Kamariny Primary School

Alyssa and Robert at the Rift.jpg

Kerio Valley

Where Ruby meets the Rift

Today, Andrew and I met with Robert Kiptoo, the principal of Kamariny primary school, one of the two schools where Ruby in the Rift will be taking place. While I've been in contact with him for months, this was my first opportunity to meet him in person. He showed us around the school, as well as introduced us to all of the teachers and the students. Two of the female teachers stepped forward and volunteered to assist me in the classroom, especially with translation. I am so grateful to work alongside these women. I cannot fully express the joy I felt gazing into the classrooms full of potential and the heartwarming interactions with all of the students. This project, which officially commences next Wednesday, will be the first of it's kind at the school.  I am not sure who is more excited- me or the girls?

Class Room 8


Me.....definitely me. 

Alyssa O'Connor