New Ruby in the Rift Volunteer!

I am pleased to announce Ruby in the Rift has been blessed with a new volunteer for the project in Kenya. In February, Teresa will be joining Cross World Africa's efforts in Iten. A high school teacher in Colorado and a Chicago native, Teresa brings years of experience to this project. 




In her own words: 

I grew up in a large family in the Chicago suburbs. I was an active young person involved in many sports. I have also always been fascinated with planes which led me to go to college to be a pilot. Instead I graduated with a degree in Physics and became a high school science and robotics teacher in Colorado. After 9 years of that, I am taking this year off. I love to travel and have been many wonderful places including the Philippines, South Africa, Botswana, Costa Rica, Kiribati, lots of places in the Caribbean, and of course all over the USA.

I am very excited to be blending my love of teaching and traveling to work on the Ruby in the Rift project. I very strongly believe that education is the key to anyone’s future, and am immensely looking forward to helping young ladies have a better educational experience through the management of their own womanly health.

Hopefully 2018 is the initial step on what will become a positive, productive journey for all involved. Thank you to everyone who is supporting this important work.
Alyssa O'Connor